ResiFund Investment Performance, Unit price and Distribution history

  • ResiFund has delivered a total return of over 10% p.a net (after fees and costs) in each of its two first years ending 31/3/2021, thereby achieving its stated investment objective.

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  • ResiFund’s returns comprise both income returns from the rent we generate from leasing properties, as well as any capital growth in the value of the properties.
  • The income returns for ResiFund investors are paid quarterly and are called income distributions, which are very similar to a company paying dividends. These income returns can either be paid as a cash distributions into an investors bank account or through the allotment of additional units in ResiFund.
  • ResiFund’s capital growth, or in other words the growth in the value of the properties, is reflected in our monthly unit price, which is like a share price.
  • As the values of the properties increases in value over time, so too does the unit price.
  • The below graph illustrates both the income and capital growth returns since our first investors invested in ResiFund.

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