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You Can Begin Building Wealth From Property Investing Even If You Have As Little As $1000, Currently Have 1 Property, A Full Investment Portfolio, Or You’re Looking To Retire ASAP

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Find Out How To Grow Your Property Portfolio Without Committing To Another Mortgage!

Grow Wealth With Residential Property Investing Without Ever Committing To A Mortgage

If you want to invest in property without a mortgage then you’ve come to the right place. When you join ResiFund, you co-invest with us and become a part-owner of a portfolio which we plan to grow to over 1,000 properties. Our experts handle practically everything like research, negotiating acquisitions and managing the property.

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Who Benefits From ResiFund?

ResiFund is for all levels of investors who want to passively build wealth from residential property. Whether you’re just getting started and can’t afford a deposit or looking to transition to a passive portfolio that is generating stable income as well as capital growth – we will work hard to help you achieve your financial goals.

Are you trying to finally break into the property market? ResiFund is designed to allow you to begin making money from real estate with as little as 30-minutes of your time.

Help Me Get Into Property Today

Ever wondered how you can turn the equity in your residential portfolio into a steady stream of positive income and avoid borrowing money? Joining ResiFund means you can benefit from the knowledge of some of Australia’s leading property experts to invest in income generating properties

Help Me Passively Build My Portfolio

Are you looking to make an investment without taking on the higher risk associated with more volatile asset classes? We invest almost exclusively in income producing residential property which has proven to be far more reliable than other asset classes.

Help Me To Build My Nest-Egg Before Retirement

Want to invest using your SMSF? ResiFund is fully approved as a Managed Investment Trust which generally allows passive income from the portfolio of rental properties to be passed on to investors on a pre-tax basis.

Help Me To Invest In Property Using My SMSF

Financial Advisers Seeking a Residential Property Option For Client Portfolio Construction

Looking for a way to give your clients exposure to the residential property asset class without the high entry point? Traditionally, investing in residential property has resulted in a client investing the bulk of their wealth in a single asset. ResiFund allows Financial Advisers to balance their client’s portfolios by investing the exact amount that may be appropriate for their circumstances, without the need to take on any personal debt. And the best part, it takes just minutes to handle the paperwork and you can check in on all your client’s portfolios at the click of a button.


We’ve Helped 1000s Of Aussies Create Millions Of Dollars Through Property Investment. Here’s What Our Happy Clients Have To Say

Feels like you are part of building something, and you’re getting good returns with your money. Callum




ResiFund Is A Member Of The OpenCorp GroupAs Seen In

Why Choose ResiFund Over Traditional Property Investing?

ResiFund offers to lessen your involvement in some processes usually required for traditional property investing. You won’t need to spend months researching, negotiating the sale, finding a tenant, collecting rent or maintaining properties yourself. We take care of these processes for you. In a financial landscape that is increasingly difficult for investors to navigate, ResiFund is designed to give you all the benefits of residential investing without the direct exposure to banks and personal debt.

It’s Like Transforming Into A 30-Year Property Investment Expert Overnight

Property investing can be lucrative, however it can take years of trial and error to fine-tune a strategy. With ResiFund, we aim to get you to the money. Our directors are some of the country’s top experts and have helped over 1,500 individuals start investing in property over the last 10 years – with average annual returns of 10.8% across their properties, on an ungeared basis including rent and capital growth. ResiFund allows you to be part-owner in the very
same investments we put our own money into.


Aussies Helped


Annual Returns

$1.2 Billion+

Real Estate Purchased


Generated in client profits

Want To Find Out More About How We Can Help You?

For a limited time only, we’re offering you a free consultation with one of our investment experts. You can speak to our friendly team about ResiFund. There’s no obligation to purchase anything afterwards. It’s simply a way for you to get more information about how we can help. Reserve your consultation below now.

Our Investment Properties Have Outperformed The Market By 45.2% Over The Last 10 Years

Our sister company, OpenCorp, has helped thousands of everyday Australians become successful property investors. Open Corp’s direct property clients have collectively grown their wealth by over $100m, with an average annual return of 10.8% across all properties completed before 31/03/2018, based on rent and capital growth over the duration of each properties ownership, on an ungeared basis. This excludes the development profits of Open Corp’s development funds and managed investment schemes, where Open Corp is the responsible entity and trustee of registered and unregistered managed investment schemes.

This means our property selections outperformed the Australian residential property market index which achieved total returns of 6.8% per annum over the 10 years to 31/03/2018 Looking ahead, we aim for the ResiFund portfolio to achieve returns of at least 2% p.a. higher than the market average and we are working hard to exceed that.

Invest Alongside Australia’s Leading Property Experts

Our directors Allister and Matthew Lewison passion for property was sparked in the 1980’s when their father took them on the journey as he started building his own multi-million dollar property portfolio. This unprecedented education into property investing has seen them go on to build their own successful portfolios and careers in property.

Allister was recognized by BRW Magazine as the 4th wealthiest self-made property millionaire under 40 years of age in 2017. With Matthew becoming General Manager of a publicly listed company at just 26 years of age, responsible for a development portfolio of more than 14,000 residential lots worth more than $2 billion on-completion.

Teaming up with Cam McLellan, who wrote the best-selling investment book My Four Year Old The Property Investor, the trio founded ResiFund’s sister-company, OpenCorp – which has become one of Australia’s leading residential property investment specialists.

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Matthew Lewison

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Allister Lewison

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Cam McLellan

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Find Out How To Grow Your Property Portfolio Without Committing To Another Mortgage!

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For a limited time only, you can claim a FREE consultation with one of our investment experts. During this meeting you’ll learn about this new investment opportunity and how you could leverage it to build your property portfolio, whether you have $1000 saved and no homes, have an established property portfolio, or are focussed on securing your retirement.

There’s no obligation to do anything following your consultation. It’s simply a way for you to get more information about ResiFund and see if it’s the right choice for you. These sessions are strictly limited so please act now to avoid disappointment.

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