About Us

Yes, we are a highly experienced and specialist residential property Fund Manager.

And yes, we have now acquired over 1,000 properties and are managing over 900 of these.

Most importantly, we have consistently delivered clients above average market returns for over a decade.

But perhaps more important than all the facts, figures and credentials in our view, is a more critical attribute.

Residential property is in our DNA. It has stemmed from a family business with an incredible passion not only to improve our own lives, but most importantly those of our clients, family and friends. People matter to us.

Being an investment advisor and fund manager is a huge responsibility that we don’t take lightly. We launched our first fund to help friends and family to profit from our property expertise. Today the privilege of helping others to grow their wealth in residential property is what gets us out of bed each day.

What started as a family business has grown to a considerable team of property specialists, who bring extensive and complimentary residential and funds management experience gained over many decades, through both good and tough times.

And with all humility, we don’t think there’s another residential investment manager in Australia that has the breadth of experience and inside knowledge of residential property that we have.

We bring all that and more to the management of ResiFund.

This is also why the Directors were the first substantial investors in this Fund, ensuring a strong alignment of interests with you, our investors. We’re all in this together.

Our Journey

1985 ResiFund’s Foundations

ResiFund’s foundations were laid many decades ago, when Steve Lewison (ResiFund Co-Founder) purchased an old weatherboard house on a block in Ringwood (VIC) to build the first of many developments. The project was a success and Steve sold off three of the four units to repay debt while holding onto one, which became his first rental property.

1995 A Shared Goal

Al Lewison (ResiFund Director) and Cam McLellan (ResiFund Director) meet while stacking shelves at Safeway. They’re young with a big goal: to create wealth through property. They don’t yet own an investment property – and there’s not much educational info out there – but they commit to learning the process. Both young men are driven to do the hard yards themselves and so begins their education and investment journey.

1998 Property One

Steve Lewison takes his sons, Al and Matt (ResiFund Director), to meet his bank manager. The brothers have saved $20k and want to buy a small two-bedroom unit in an outer suburb of Melbourne for $120k. This is their first investment property and very first loan – they haven’t even held a credit card.

1999 On The Path

Al buys property two: an old house in Bayswater VIC. Cam buys the house two doors down. It’s Cam’s first property and he’s saved hard for the deposit, selling his car and cashing-in overpaid super. While their friends are out partying, the duo knuckle-down to save their money and plan their next step.

2002 Working Well Together

Property investing is still very much a hobby. But Al and Cam love working together, so they start up a business to business Telstra dealership. This grows to be the largest Telstra Business Centre in Australia. Over the next decade, they learn the value of creating measured systems to maximise successful outcomes from business and investment. They follow in Steve’s steps and begin developing together. Building a number of townhouses and keeping one of two on completion of each project.

2004 A Methodology Emerges

Matt moves to Brisbane to deliver large scale property developments for his employer. The trio start investing across two cities. As Brisbane’s growth escalates, a clear method emerges. A process of studying each capital city market, the growth corridors within those markets and then determining the optimal size and quality property for that area. This process enables them to pick profitable properties, regardless of the market cycle.

2006 A Business Is Born

An opportunity arises to secure 17 empty laneway lots in Brisbane. Matt dedicates himself to sketching housing plans. His hard work pays off. Two weeks later, the trio and 14 of their family and friends have contracts, valuations and rental appraisals for each of these new investment properties. The team has a new purpose: Open Corporation launches.

2006 – 2009 Developing Experience

The team is onto something. Al and Cam replicate their success by delivering sophisticated property developments in Melbourne. Matt moves up the ranks with his employer as GM of Peet QLD, responsible for a development pipeline worth over $2 billion. Steve joins the team as a passive investor.

2009 A Singular Focus

Friends and family ask for advice. Still surprised by the lack of educational resources and solid processes available in the market, the team share their knowledge. Their method works. It’s agreed that the business needs greater focus, so Matt moves back to Melbourne to set the business foundations.

2012 A Passion For Mentoring

Confident in the difference that smart investments make to the lives of their families and friends, Al and Cam sell their Telstra business to give Open Corporation 100% of their attention. With the energy that comes from doing what they love, over the next 12 months the team become prolific educators, sharing everything they’ve learned.

2012 - 2015 Innovating Property Investment

The company quickly grows. The team commits to working on their operational model and delivering exceptional customer service. This customer-first approach guides a big innovation — Open Corporation launches innovative property funds to help investors participate in small-to-medium scale property developments.

2014 BRW Fast 100 Debut

Open Corporation debuts at #13 on the BRW Fast 100 List. As the accolades start to roll in, our purpose remains grounded: to empower people through property investment education.

2015 Launch Property Management

The team identifies that general property managers in the market aren’t focussed on managing national property portfolios for clients. OpenCorp Property Management launches with a goal to maximise the rental income for investors and continue to help clients to grow their wealth through all phases of the investment journey.

2016 #29 BRW Fast 100

Rebranded as OpenCorp, we continue to set the pace.

2016 Move to a larger office

As our growth stays strong, we remain committed to providing transparent and expert financial education. The team continues to grow and we move into larger premises to accommodate everyone.

2017 Happy Customers

Our excellent reputation means 45% of OpenCorp’s business comes from repeat purchasers and referrals. This isn’t surprising — our team of property professionals are committed to a shared passion of providing brighter futures for our clients.

2018 1000 Investment

By this time OpenCorp has provided over 1000 investment properties to clients with an average total return of 10.8% per annum, beating the Australian national average return of 6.8%. We manage over 900 of those properties and have launched 26 property development investments with an average annual return of over 18% across all projects.

Many clients, friends and family want to continue to invest in residential property but have asked about seeking a higher income producing portfolio that is highly diversified. It warrants a move away from the traditional development funds model. After a number of years in research Resifund is launched. We believe it’s a game changer for residential property investment in Australia.

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