About Us

We feel like we have residential property in our DNA.

It is something we are completely passionate about and is what we specialise in.

By investing in residential property we have built significant wealth, not only for ourselves but for a substantial number of clients as well.

This is one of the driving passions behind launching ResiFund. With the cost of investing in residential property increasing virtually every year, it is becoming even more difficult to invest in one property let alone many. We wanted to provide an opportunity to allow far more investors to start investing in property more easily and help them build a property portfolio over time. This should then help build their wealth and achieve their own financial and personal goals.

Our success in born not just out of good luck but good management as well.

We don’t simply buy investment properties and hope they go up in value over time, even though they have in the past.  We spend enormous time and resources analysing the residential property market and economic conditions, to help to determine where and what type of properties should deliver not only good returns but ideally also returns which are higher than average.

As an overall group of companies, we have acquired over 2,200 properties and currently manage over 1,200. This provides enormous experience and expertise in the management of ResiFund.

We also bring significant professionalism to the management of ResiFund. This includes not only being licenced by ASIC as a Fund Manager but also assembling a team with substantial experience across not only residential property but also in managing property funds.