ResiFund Information For Financial Advisers

What is the investment?

An unlisted residential property fund, providing a superior way for clients to invest in Australian property, due to:

  • Greater diversification by property, location and tenant
  • Low min investment cost of $1k (Retail) or $100k (Wholesale)
  • Can easily form part of a traditional investment portfolio
  • Targeting a 10% p.a return (currently on target to exceed)
  • High focus on income distributions

Is the Fund Rated?

Yes, we have secured a 3.75 star SQM rating (suitable for APL inclusion)

Our credentials in residential property

  • We are a specialist residential property group
  • We have acquired over 1,000 properties and currently manage around 1,000 properties
  • We have managed over 25 property funds
  • We are a major investor in the Fund and we are highly aligned and incentivised to deliver strong returns for investors

Why invest now?

The long-term fundamentals of residential property remain very sound with:

  • Population growth continuing to dramatically exceed world population growth
  • Tenant demand and rents are growing rapidly, due to housing affordability challenges and demographic changes
  • Recent house price weakness, providing an excellent opportunity to be acquiring property

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