One of the reasons investors feel very comfortable with investing in residential property, is that they know exactly what they are investing in and can relate to property investment.

Investors have an investment in every property owned by ResiFund and as we grow and buy more properties, they have an investment in those as well. This means they have an investment in:

– properties all over Australia
– a large portfolio of tenants
– different types of residential property investments

This diversification should provide more consistent returns for investors and access to properties they generally would not be able to invest in themselves.

Geographic Diversification

We are currently have a portfolio of properties invested across the largest Australian capital cities.

What Type of Properties does ResiFund own?

Property Diversification

ResiFund currently provides investors with investment in a wide range of properties.

These include:

– Single Family Homes
– Co-living properties with 5-9 tenants per property
– Properties with refurbishment or redevelopment potential

This provides investors with investment in a far greater range of properties than they could achieve themselves and should provide more consistent and higher returns over the long term, compared to investing in one investment property with a single tenant.

While we acquire many properties which we lease out for the long term, we also like to acquire properties where we believe we can add value, either through a refurbishment, or minor or large redevelopment. This allows us to potentially deliver higher returns than might be achieved by simply acquiring one property and renting it out.


Rochedale, Brisbane

Noble Park, Melbourne

Croydon, Melbourne