Grow Wealth With Residential Property Investing Without Ever Committing To A Mortgage

If you want to invest in property without a mortgage then you’ve come to the right place. When you join ResiFund, you co-invest with us and become a part-owner of a portfolio which we plan to grow to over 1,000 properties. Our experts handle practically everything like research, negotiating acquisitions and managing the property.

ResiFund Portfolio (as at August 2021)

  • Investors in ResiFund have an investment in all existing and new properties which are acquired in the fund over time.
  • This provides investors with significant diversification compared to investing in a single property, which should therefore reduce their risk.

Geographic Diversification

We are currently have a portfolio of properties invested across the largest Australian capital cities.


Property Diversification

  • We also currently have investments across two different types of Australian residential property.
  • Our significant investment in co-living properties provide us with an investment in properties with higher income returns and greater tenant diversification than for more traditional residential investment properties, like single family homes.
  • We balance this with an investment in single family homes, which typically provide a greater part of their return from capital growth.
  • These combined investments should result in more consistent total returns as well as higher income returns from ResiFund, relative to the returns from the overall residential property market.

Co-living (multi-tenancy) properties 74%

Single Family Homes 26%

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