This Innovative Property Investment Method Could Help Passively Grow Your Wealth For An Early Retirement

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The Simple Strategy To Boost Your SMSF With Income Producing Property Investments

Are you worried you don’t have enough cash-generating assets in your SMSF? Worried you won’t be able to afford to travel regularly and enjoy life’s luxuries in your golden years? Or are you worried about even maintaining a comfortable lifestyle without relying on the pension? Then you could well be in the right place.

ResiFund allows you to use your SMSF to invest in property without using debt. This may allow you to build wealth and draw regular income. It is a one of a kind property investment solution designed to help SMSF investors.

Steadily Grow Your Wealth Using The Most Reliable Asset Class Of The Last 30 Years

SMSF investors are often particularly interested in protecting their nest-eggs, while still growing wealth steadily to take advantage of the available tax benefits, and want to steer clear of high-risk investments.

With ResiFund we exclusively invest in a diversified range of residential property. This has been the most stable and reliable asset class over the past 3 decades – returning an average of 11.4% over this time frame.

Our Low Risk Approach To Investing In Residential Property

We believe that the lowest risk approach to investing in residential property is to maintain low gearing, focusing on positive cashflow property that is underpinned by strong tenant demand, often linked to low vacancy rates, and to diversify the portfolio across many cities and property types.

It’s a model that has proven successful to many of Australia’s most prolific investors, including our directors, and with ResiFund you have the chance to invest right alongside them.


A Unique Aussie Property Investment Strategy

ResiFund’s investment strategy is focused on residential property and may be completely unique in Australia but one critical thing that ResiFund has in common with Westfield is that the directors are heavily involved in the investment process and have a deep passion for property.

When you invest in ResiFund you are investing in a property trust, alongside other investors including ResiFund’s directors. The added bonus is that residential property has historically been less volatile than commercial buildings such as shopping centers.

Invest With Our Founders

Leverage Tax Advantages

Use Residential Property

Diversify Your Portfolio

Co-Invest Alongside Our Experts As We Build Your Diversified Property Portfolio

It wouldn’t really be right if we didn’t believe in our service enough to invest in ResiFund beside you. That’s why we were the first investors to put our own money in.

You should be able to invest in complete confidence knowing that the managers interests are aligned with your own. You’ll be part owner of the same property portfolio that our directors own a stake in so we hope that you can rest assured that we will be working hard to deliver great returns.

As we have achieved for other clients, we aim to have over 1,000 properties within the fund and like us you can own a share of all of these properties, starting with just $1,000. Speak to us today to see how you can get started in this ground-breaking opportunity.

ResiFund Is Like Investing In A Property Trust Similar to Westfield, Only For Residential Property

When investors bought an interest in Westfield, they were putting their money into a property trust alongside other investors, including the Lowy family who were Westfield’s directors. The directors oversaw the management of the property portfolio, and over an extended period their investors received a considerable return based on the overall performance of the property trust.

While all property trusts have different investment strategies, management experience, and performance, they often share the same tax advantages that can benefit investors.

Just Imagine If You Put $10,000 Into The Australian Residential Property Market in 1989 For Your Kids…

We’ve all heard the amazing benefits of compound growth. Albert Einstein said, “Compound interest is the Eighth Wonder of the World… He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it.” And the key to compound returns, is time in the market. The longer your capital is compounding the greater the impact.

Now, imagine what your family’s future might look like if you took full advantage of compound growth. For example, if you could go back to 1989 and invest just $10,000 cash in the residential property market for your kids. Assuming a very modest gearing of 50%, like ResiFund, today that small investment would allow you to give your kids a whopping $1,125,000 head start on their own investment journey!

Leave Your Children A Lasting Legacy Which Could Make Them Financially Secure For Life

It’s getting harder for younger generations to afford a home and fund their education. We all want a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle in retirement. However, if you have kids and grandkids, you might also want to give them a leg-up so they can have a head start in life.

ResiFund is designed to help you achieve this. To start the process, you can open your ResiFund account within your SMSF, decide whether you want to automatically reinvest your returns or take the regular cash distributions. It will hopefully provide financial security and an income source for your retirement – and eventually a legacy to share with your family that could help them be set for life.

We Aim To Beat The Total Returns Of The Market By 2% Each Year!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a time machine to take you back to 1989, nor do we have a crystal ball to predict exactly what the market growth will be over the next 30 years. But we can give you the opportunity to invest in the Australian residential property market using all of the best investment tactics that we’ve learned over the last three decades. Our goal is to beat the total returns of the market by 2% each year, with modest gearing levels below 50%. We believe that it is the next best thing to borrowing the Delorian time machine from Back To The Future.

Our Incredible Results Speak For Themselves…

Over the past 10 years we’ve sourced well over 1000 properties for our clients. In this time, we’ve achieved an average return of 10.8% p.a. across all our direct property client’s properties completed before 31/03/2018, including rent and capital growth on an ungeared basis. This is FAR higher than the average total return from the Australian residential real estate market index which was 6.8% for the same time span ending 31/3/2018. We aim for ResiFund to bring you a return of AT LEAST 2% p.a above the market average. And just so we were comparing like-with-like, the above results even exclude the development profits of Open Corp’s development funds and managed investment schemes, where Open Corp is the responsible entity and trustee of registered and unregistered managed investment schemes.


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clients we have helped build wealth with property

At Least 2% p.a.

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Need To Know More? These Are The Questions Our Clients Ask Us The Most

ResiFund’s expert property team buys real properties. These are located across Australia, generally located in major capital cities.

When you invest in ResiFund you are becoming a part owner of all of the properties in ResiFund’s portfolio and are entitled to a share of the income and capital growth from all of the properties.

You get to piggyback off the experience of the fund manager, whose directors have 30 years experience and are some of the most successful residential property investors in Australia. Not only do they manage ResiFund but they are also currently the largest investors in ResiFund so you get to invest right alongside them. This can reduce your risk and means you have an expert on your side who has “skin in the game”, is aligned with you and is contactable throughout your investment journey.

Every quarter ResiFund will pay your share of the net rental income (after costs and fees)  to you in the form of an income distribution. You can choose to either reinvest this distribution or take it as a regular payment. And as property values go up you also benefit from the price growth, keeping you one step ahead of the market.

You’ll have an online portal where you can login and see your investments details, property valuations and statements. ResiFund’s team even take care of the boring stuff like admin, property maintenance and tenant management.

Resifund can make investing simple and accessible to everyone.

Our sister-company OpenCorp has facilitated more than $1.2 Billion worth of property purchases for our direct property clients over 10 years and has achieved an average of over 10.8% p.a across all properties completed before 31/03/2018, including rent and capital growth on an ungeared basis. This excludes the development profits of Open Corp’s development funds and managed investment schemes, where Open Corp is the responsible entity and trustee of registered and unregistered managed investment schemes.

Allister Lewison has built a personal investment portfolio worth more than $74m and was named the 4thwealthiest self-made property millionaire in Australia under 40 years old; Cam Mclellan has purchased and developed hundreds of properties and is a best-selling author of ‘My 4-Year Old The Property Investor’, and Matt Lewison was responsible for managing a $2 BILLION property portfolio at just 26 years of age and has managed over 15 property funds, making more than $50million profit for clients in those funds.

As ResiFund is a Fund Manager, we are licensed and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), to manage investments for investors such as yourself. This provides you with a range of protections. As part of that process, our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) has also been lodged with ASIC.

All investments carry at least a small amount of risk, even a term-deposit in a bank. The risks associated with investing in ResiFund are general fluctuations in the real estate market such as a steep drop in house prices and managing the borrowings we use to help us acquire properties. It should be noted though that the Australian residential property market has been stable and consistent compared with other asset classes such as the stock market, cryptocurrency or even commercial real estate. House prices may ebb and flow, however any temporary drops are regained over time as proven with decades of recorded data.

Like any direct property investment, this should be seen as a medium to long term investment.

We expect investors to receive a significant part of their investment return every year, by receiving quarterly income distributions. In addition, any increase in the value of the properties, will be reflected in higher monthly unit prices.
We are also providing multiple options for investors to sell or redeem part or all of their investment in the Fund. This includes fixed liquidity dates for redemptions in addition to a number of other liquidity mechanisms. Refer to the PDS or speak to our consultants for further details.

In the last 30 years to March 2018, we have only seen three negative quarters of returns and these were relatively modest falls. This compares to 26 negative quarters of returns from the Australian Stock market during the same period[ML1] . While past performance may not necessarily reflect future performance, Australian residential real estate has historically provided a lower risk for investors, relative to other investments[ML2] .

Notwithstanding, when markets significantly fall, all investments can be significantly impacted, be it Australian or international shares, commercial or residential property. Conversely, these periods of negative growth can also represent good buying opportunities.

Due to our significant focus on generating sustainable and growing income returns, through renting properties to a range of different tenants, we believe we can reduce the impact on your total investment return, should there be a fall in property values. In addition, as there is no requirement to necessarily sell property during market downturns, the Fund has a greater ability to manage through difficult market conditions.

[ML1]Source RIA
[ML2]Source RIA

The Fund will only invest in Australian residential property. While we are seeking to diversify the investments to reduce your risk by investing in a range of different types of residential property, the main goal of the fund is to generate rental income from the properties that ResiFund acquires.

These will include new single-family homes located in growth corridors in major cities. Along with these the fund will invest in multi tenancy properties. Multi-tenancy properties are residential properties that allow us to generate greater income as we are able to rent to more than one tenant. These may be in the form of duplexes, townhouses, or large residential buildings which offer a significant number of amenities such as pools, tennis courts, gyms and cafes. This can create a very attractive environment and community feel for tenants, encouraging tenants to stay for much longer than they might in typical rental properties, potentially providing higher income for building owners due to the additional services provided and the economies of scale.

Multi-tenancy properties are typically located in suburbs around 10-20km from CBD’s and close to transport, shopping and employment hubs.

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4 Steps To Your Highly Profitable ResiFund

  1. Find Out How ResiFund Can Help You Achieve Your Goals During Your Free Property Consultation We understand the importance of being well informed before you make investment decisions. That’s why we’ve taken the time to provide information that will help you understand ResiFund so that you can decide if it is the right vehicle to help you transition to carefree living. And of course, we’d also love to answer any questions you might still have.
  2. Secure Your Initial ResiFund Investment Once you’re happy with everything and submit your application form, we’ll create a ResiFund account for you and secure your initial investment amount – this is where your exciting journey begins!
  3. Check Out The Progress Of Your Property Portfolio If you want to reach your financial and lifestyle goals faster, you can always make additional deposits into your ResiFund to help supercharge your returns! We also provide a distribution reinvestment plan, allowing you to benefit even more from the compounding effect.
  4. Supercharge Your ResiFund Returns Even though you’ll now be part owner of properties spread all over Australia, you’ll barely have to lift a finger because we manage everything from start to finish. We’ve tried to make it so simple all you should ever need to do is stay tuned as we work hard to grow your wealth for you.
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