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How does ResiFund work?

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ResiFund focuses on high-yielding assets that generate positive cash flow

When you invest in ResiFund, you’re getting access to our existing property portfolio.

Our acquisition team will then source more assets that meet our very strict criteria to invest in for the fund. When we acquire those properties they go straight into the Fund to grow your investment further.

This means that those newly acquired properties, in addition to the existing properties within the Fund, start to generate capital growth and, hopefully, positive cash flow for investors in ResiFund.

Capital growth

Sometimes the properties we identify need to be constructed because the type of rental accommodation in the areas that we want to invest in simply don’t exist, or aren’t available on the market. So during the construction phase we’re adding value to the property itself, and that’s obviously benefiting all of the investors through the capital growth.

Once it’s finished we’re then renting it out.

Critically, we focus on high yielding assets that are going to generate positive cash flow so the great benefit of handpicking the assets, or making sure that we’re constructing the assets that are going to suit the fund, is that we know exactly the type of property and what we need to include in those properties to get maximum cashflow and maximum capital growth for the fund in the future.

When you invest in ResiFund you benefit from our expertise, strategy and focus, starting with as little as $1,000.

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