Which cities will ResiFund invest in?

By Matthew Lewison | | 0 Comments

ResiFund is for all levels of investors who want to passively build wealth from residential property.

We often get asked which Australian cities will ResiFund be investing in. It’s a good question, and I explain more in the video below.

Essentially, our goal with ResiFund is to represent Australia’s housing market.

That means we also need to weight the portfolio to match the Australian population when we’re investing in properties.

Photo by Krista Purmale on Unsplash

For example, 30 per cent of Australians live in Melbourne, around 30 per cent in Sydney, and around 20 per cent in Brisbane. In other words, 80 per cent of ResiFund will be invested around those three major cities.

Further to that, 20 per cent of the population is spread predominantly around other cities such as Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, and Darwin.

We’re obviously going to continue to focus on those areas as well, but to a lesser extent behind the major eastern seaboard cities.

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