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Who is behind ResiFund?

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There is now a way to hold a diversified property portfolio with just $1000

ResiFund is part of the OpenCorp Group, which is a team of more than 50 professionals who specialise in residential property investment, including property managers, finance brokers, a property investment advisory team, and a development management team.

Our funds management team came up with the ResiFund concept, and the directors of ResiFund include myself, Allister Lewison who’s also my brother, and Cam McLellan, who is the author of the best-selling property investment book My Four-Year-Old The Property Investor.

Allister and I have been involved in property investment since the late ’90s. I was 18 when I bought my first property with Allister. He was 21 at the time, and we’ve gone on to grow our own investment property portfolios since then.

ResiFund Directors: From left, Matthew Lewison, Cam McLellan & Allister Lewison

Early in my career, I worked for publicly-listed land developers and have developed award-winning housing estates. At the same time, Allister was undertaking his own developments and investments and has gone on to build a top-tier Australian investment property portfolio.

Collectively, the directors of ResiFund have worked with thousands of property investors around Australia over the past 10 years.

We are passionate about helping investors

We’ve helped our clients earn more than $100 million in profits in that 10-year period, and we’re very passionate every day to come into work and help more investors.

That’s why we came up with the idea for ResiFund.

We know it’s a great entry point for many investors who are struggling to save up a deposit to buy their first investment property, or who may not want to take on all of the management and other associated duties of owning their own investment property. The good part is that ResiFund does all the heavy lifting for you!

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