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About ResiFund Investment

Is ResiFund crowd-funded?

Invest alongside Australia’s leading property experts Is ResiFund crowd-funded? This is a question we’re starting to get asked more and more. The short answer is: No, ResiFund is not a crowdfunding platform. ResiFund is a managed investment trust, and property trusts have been around for decades in Australia. It’s a tried and proven method for…

Matthew Lewison Sep 05 2019
About ResiFund Investment

How does ResiFund work?

ResiFund focuses on high-yielding assets that generate positive cash flow When you invest in ResiFund, you’re getting access to our existing property portfolio. Our acquisition team will then source more assets that meet our very strict criteria to invest in for the fund. When we acquire those properties they go straight into the Fund to…

Matthew Lewison Sep 05 2019
About ResiFund Investment

What fees are involved with ResiFund?

At ResiFund, we make money in three ways. (i) ACQUISITION FEE We earn an acquisition fee when we buy assets for the fund. This equates to two per cent of the cost of acquiring or constructing a property and covers the sourcing, negotiation and due diligence we do to find and secure the best property…

Matthew Lewison Sep 02 2019
About ResiFund

Do ResiFund’s directors have skin in the game?

Finally! A way for young Aussies to break into the property market with as little as $1000 Currently, the directors of ResiFund – Allister Lewison, Cam McLellan and myself – are the largest investors in ResiFund. (Check out more about the directors here) We have skin in the game and we’re committed to continuing to…

Matthew Lewison Sep 01 2019