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About ResiFund

Do ResiFund’s directors have skin in the game?

Finally! A way for young Aussies to break into the property market with as little as $1000 Currently, the directors of ResiFund – Allister Lewison, Cam McLellan and myself – are the largest investors in ResiFund. (Check out more about the directors here) We have skin in the game and we’re committed to continuing to…

Matthew Lewison Sep 01 2019
Behind-the-Scenes ResiFund News

Who is behind ResiFund?

There is now a way to hold a diversified property portfolio with just $1000 ResiFund is part of the OpenCorp Group, which is a team of more than 50 professionals who specialise in residential property investment, including property managers, finance brokers, a property investment advisory team, and a development management team. Our funds management team…

Matthew Lewison Aug 26 2019